Three Songs

by colourful hill

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These songs were recorded shortly after returning to New England. I know absolutely nothing about recording music, but decided to take on the task of doing a lo-fi acoustic EP regardless. The first two tracks are acoustic arrangements of songs from my previous record, while the third track is a very old, pre-Colourful Hill song I wrote while living in Berkshire County.

A fourth, brand new song was intended for this release, but my four-track ended up shitting the bed immediately after transferring these three to my computer. So this is all you get for now.


released August 18, 2016

Recorded in my apartment and practice space in West Springfield, Massachusetts on a Tascam Porta 02 cassette four-track in August 2016.

All music/lyrics by Tyson Luneau.



all rights reserved


colourful hill West Springfield, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Arm's Length
I put up walls around my head, thick concrete no one can penetrate. I've built this palisade around my brain to keep my acquaintances at bay. Habit of confinement, my thoughts aren't on consignment. I'd rather be an island than let someone find me.
Track Name: Symptom
The phone call from the hospital is lingering. A tapping at the door, a haunting whispering. I'd rather not roll out of this bed today, it's much safer here under these sheets. How we grow older, falling out of love with the world that won't give in for one day. Like leaves, you're withering. Death is the only thing the coming years have for me.
Track Name: Remembrance
I called you on the phone last night, voice was stumbling. Called again next morning, said you hadn't heard from me in days. I still remember broken glass and your hands trembling, as I watched you fall apart until they took me away. It haunts me to this day; this burden also lands on me. Locked out of the house while you were on the floor passed out. What brings me the most pain is knowing some things never change. For fifteen years I've watched you go down a broken path. Everything comes full circle, dreams all turned to ash. But the things that bring us down don't have to run our lives aground.